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  • Rena Willis

    Rena Willis

    Writer & Educator — one midlife crisis away from a bestseller.

  • William Malek

    William Malek


  • Tim Ward

    Tim Ward

    Author, communications expert and publisher of Changemakers Books. Recent books: The Master Communicator’s Handbook; Resilience: Virtually Speaking.

  • Brendan Mapes

    Brendan Mapes

    Strategic Foresight for Sustainable Development. Writing about the future, food and complex systems. Freelance research. Academic work at https://bit.ly/34cP6gV

  • Francis Gonzales

    Francis Gonzales

    As a Design Strategist I am ever curious about people, culture, and technology. I spot trends, uncover connections, and tend to think A LOT about the future.

  • Ann Ewasechko

    Ann Ewasechko

  • Monica Jamaluddin

    Monica Jamaluddin

    Organizational strategist in service of building conscious business. I help companies become their best selves. www.sandboxadvisors.co

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