A hopeful New Year’s letter to friends and family sent in December 2043

Bart Édes
5 min readDec 16, 2023
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Dear Friends and Family,

As we bid farewell to the remarkable year of 2043 and eagerly await the start of a new year, I hereby extend my heartfelt New Year’s greetings to each and every one of you. The past years have been a whirlwind of innovation, progress, and profound changes, and as we stand on the brink of a new era, I find myself filled with excitement about the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead.

Looking back over recent years, the eradication of extreme poverty stands as a crowning achievement of humanity’s collective efforts. Through innovative social policies, equitable distribution of resources, and advancements in education and technology, societies around the world have successfully uplifted the most vulnerable members.

A global commitment to economic justice and sustainable development have created opportunities for marginalized communities to access education, healthcare, and vocational training. The eradication of extreme poverty is not merely a statistical triumph but a testament to the compassion and empathy that now underpin the values of our interconnected global community.

Through open dialogue, cultural exchange, and a commitment to understanding, nations have dismantled barriers that once divided people. Inclusive policies have been implemented to address systemic inequalities, fostering a sense of belonging for all citizens.

Conflict resolution mechanisms prioritize diplomacy over force, and international cooperation has become the norm. Diversity is celebrated and a deep respect for the contributions of indigenous people has become ingrained in society. There is a collective realization that prosperity is not a finite resource but an ever-expanding opportunity that has brought us to a time and place where everyone can contribute, thrive, and participate in the shared journey toward a brighter future.

As the relentless pursuit of progress has unfolded, so too has the realization that a harmonious work-life balance is essential for the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. As the end of another year approaches, we recall that the now dated notion of a rigid 9-to-5 workday long ago gave way to flexible schedules, remote work options…



Bart Édes

Author of Learning from Tomorrow: Using Strategic Foresight to Prepare for the Next Big Disruption